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"A black belt is nothing more than a belt that goes around your waist. Being a black belt is a state of mind and attitude."

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It has been 24 years since I opened the Trinity Tae Kwon Do Academy. To those who have supported me in the past, I thank you and hope that you have benefitted from your tae kwon do training. Over the past years there have been many questions asked of me about tae kwon do and various related topics . Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions please donít hesitate to ask me at the earliest opportunity.

Q. When/ where are the classes held? Beginner classes are held every Tuesday night from 6:00- 7:00pm followed by an advanced class from 7-8pm. at the Cresent high school gymnasium in Blaketown. Bonus classes are held at the NLYC gym every Thursday and Sunday night from 7pm.- 8pm. Students should show up 5-10 min early to prepare for class. Any changes made to this schedule I will try to inform you asap. Classes are ongoing so you can join anytime. Also parents are encouraged to come and watch how your child is progressing and to encourage them in their training, however try not to distract them as they need to concentrate on tkd. Better yet, since you are there anyway why don=t you join and receive the many benefits of tkd training

Q. How old has a student got to be? Any age as long as the desire and physical ability is there. However attention span is a big factor therefore children under the age of 6 sometimes have a difficult time learning. Exceptions do occur, therefore why donít you try a class and see what happens. Also if a child is not interested, donít push him/her into training as they just may not be ready yet and you can try later when they are more into the idea.

Tae kwon do offers many benefits; increased physical and mental fitness, improved discipline and improved respect for others and oneself. However practicing 2-3 hours a week is hardly enough; therefore I encourage practice at home. All students progress at different speeds and only through hard work do they appreciate what they have learned. As you will come to find I am quite accessible and flexible in some things. If you have any questions please donít hesitate to call me.

Master Anthony Byrne,
759-2174 / 685-2270

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